Holey Sweater

I’ve been seeing a lot of sweaters with shoulder cut outs lately and am loving it. I am a sucker for cut outs and when done in a discreetly sexy way it makes them ten times better. A simple diy with a pair of scissors, especially with a serger if you want the finished look.

Here’s a DIY version I found on Forever21’s Skinny Blog

Cute blogger wearing a sweater with multiple cut outs

Helmut + Lang sweater

I’m now going to go find a sweater to butcher, mwahaha.

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Hand Painted Heart

Cut this from a xxl long sleeve shirt using a half circle shape. Painted the heart with a stencil cut from card stock, fabric medium, black acrylic paint, and a large bristly paint brush. Super simple.

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Animation For Web Design

I’m in a web design class this semester and the teacher asked us to make a short, simple animation. This is mine:

I drew the girl using a pen tool and a photo of one of my favorite models, Mandy Murphy. Then I redrew the eyes 5 times in different positions. I did some fading frames for each of the stars and then animated the text which was a main factor in the assignment. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Betsey Spring 2012

I was so excited for fashion week pictures to come up as usual and sadly this year they weren’t as great. The collections were lacking in creativity and color. One collection I did love however was Betsey Johnson’s. Her presentation was a bit risque which I liked, basically a lot of boobs and bellies showing. Also the girls were the epitome of a Viccy C commercial with push up bras that worked miracles.

Anyhow, all in all the individual pieces in the collection were right up my ally. I have a thing for brocades as well as pastel colored chiffons and floral patterns. Of course I couldn’t resist the GLITTERY dresses, yum! It was really hard to pick out favorites, so that’s why I am posting the show (plus you see the clothes in action). I do want to point out the gorgeous sweetheart neckline glitter dress as well as the brocade high waist skirt and shorts. Oh, and the floral chiffon dresses are to die for. See what I mean about picking a favorite? On with the show…

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Candy Kiss Couture Contest

The contest winner is Mallory Sarver, Congratulations! Names will be saved for a second chance drawing. The next contest will be for a Candy Kiss Couture custom collapsible hoop!

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Mini Ecosystems

My current obsession is terrariums. I can’t get enough of them, they are too cute! I also have been on a gardening kick and the cool weather will be rolling in soon so I am trying to find ways to bring it indoors. If you’re interested in making your own forest style terrarium read on ^.^

This is specifically for a forest style terrarium. If you are interested in a desert or beach terrarium you will want different types of plants that go well together and a different type of potting mixture such as sand/peat. I also suggest looking into air plants, they are really neat looking and easy to maintain.


A Clear Glass Vessel of your choice
Potting Soil (preferably with fertilizer)
Small River Rocks or some sort of Pebbles
Activated Carbon (you can find this at a pet store)
Terrarium Plants (slow growing and small)
Assorted Found Items
Clay or Ceramic Figurines
A Spray Bottle

First spray down and clean out your glass vessel with hot water to disinfect. I chose a large round vase with a base. Terrariums without lids are easier to care for but ones with lids can be very visually appealing just be sure to chose plants that do well in humidity and never over water.

Next you’ll want to add a layer of your rocks or pebbles for drainage.

Also add a small amount of carbon on top of layer.

Next get out your potting soil. This part may vary depending on the type of terrarium. For a forest terrarium a simple potting soil with long term fertilizer will work.

Fill your vessel and dig shallow holes for your plants to fit into. I like to make the soil have small hills to mimic a natural environment.

Get your terrarium plants together. I used three plants I found in a dried flower shop in Pittsburgh’s Strip District and sadly they were only labeled terrarium plants so I do not know their proper names. There are many resources online to figure out which species of plants work best in a humid environment. Make sure they are small and slow growing. I used Ivy on my first terrarium and it grew EVERYWHERE. Cute but it takes a lot of maintenance to cut it back every day.

I also bought a pot of baby’s/angel tears that will act as a ground covering along with some petrified moss.

Gently break up roots from the soil they came in.

Add plants to terrarium.

Add ground covering as desired. I also added some of the pebbles I used for drainage to make a faux riverbed.

Now gather all your found objects 😀 I love this part! My boyfriend got in on t and found me all sorts of lovely things including gnarled sticks and vines, sparkly geodes, shiny stones, and feathers.

Go to town! Decorate your terrarium and make it look sweet.

After adding your natural elements you may wish to add glass bottles, ceramic figurines, plastic ornaments or whatever else you can find or make. I made two little mushrooms out of polymer clay and added some pant to create some whimsy.

Here is the finished product 😀 Forgive the photo quality, these were all taken on my phone 😛

Let me know what you think in the comments. If you make one link me to a picture please! I would love to see what you come up with. Next tutorial is going to be a micro-terrarium.

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Legit Lolita

My current obsession: Rocking Horse shoes. The innovator of these fabulous footwear is the Vivienne Westwood. In japan to be a true lolita you have to beg borrow and steal to get the real thing. I want a pair…badly. Any donations gladly accepted 😛

I’m loving this style, the Victorian ballerina!

I love the pink and the ruffles, not Vivienne but very cute.

The criss-cross strapped shoes were also made popular by Yazawa’s(one of my favorite manga/anime artists) Nana, one of my favorite anime’s. Hopefully I will acquire these in the near future.

What do you think about them?

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