Very Humble Abode

For a while now a have been fantasizing over the romantic notion of getting rid of the majority of my possessions and living simply, naturally, and mostly self sustained. This idea was inspired by Thoreau and his Walden as well as a Buddhist mentality. I found an article on a “tiny house” sometime last year and fell deeply in love with it.

People were building their own homes from the ground up (which have always been my plans for my first home) but instead of huge gaudy houses to try to prove something in this culture of bigger is better they did the exact opposite. These homes are built from 7’x10′ to the size of a large shipping crate. Some are even made from recycled shipping crates. One website I use as reference a lot is tumble weed houses, created by a man who had lived in three different self built tiny homes. You’ll find youtube videos linked from some of the tiny house pages that are great for inspiration.


A tumbleweed home measuring 7’x10′

I plan on building one of these tiny homes on preferably a 7’x14′ flatbed trailer, but I’ll take what I can get. I am hoping to make it from free pallets as well as leftover wood, and include eco friendly features such as a green roof and solar panels. I want to use it for traveling across country without paying an arm and a leg for crappy hotel rooms. Another romantic notion of mine, I’m just full of those! The biggest problem for me is finding a used trailer that someone is giving away or selling for dirt cheap. If anyone has suggestions on where to search PLEASE let me know in the comments. I’ve drawn my floor plan and mapped it out on my floor in hoop tape to see what itd be like to walk around in it. It was more spacious than I had imagined. And now to bombard you with inspiration photos. I’ll post my own floor plan once I find a trailer and know the project is final.


A beautiful, simplistic interior.


This is a green roof shed.


A modern gypsy caravan.


The interior of a gypsy caravan.


A shabby chic tiny home that is my biggest interior inspiration. Love the library and storage.


Includes an amazing loft bed which most tiny homes have.


Even the exterior matches well, how cute!


The bare bones of a pallet house.


An idea of how to include my sewing machine….a must!

I have too many inspiration photos I could share but I believe I’ve photobombed this post enough. Hope this post inspires you and let me know if your building your own tiny home and how you’re doing it.


About Candy Kisses

I'm an aspiring designer who one day wishes to move to New York and make it big! As of now I work at a restaurant near my apartment in pittsburgh to make ends meet while running a small business called Candy Kiss Couture, on etsy consisting of my designs, and crafts at I love all things beauty, fashion, and glamour as well as all things Art ^.^ Also an interesting tid bit about myself: I love to play dress up, cause I'll never be too old for that! I am fascinated by glitter, shiny things, lace, neon colors, pastel colors, alright colors in general. I guess that's more than enough about me we'll get to know each other as I blog. Thanks for checking my page out.
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2 Responses to Very Humble Abode

  1. dena miller says:

    I have seen pics of the shabby chic tiny house before..can not remember where but so adorable!!! Also love the gypsy space♥

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