Chanel SS11

Hope everyone had a great holiday, I took a little break and stayed at my grandparents. It was a great relaxing week that I spent crafting and shopping with my Aunt Lisa. I’ll have pictures to come of all my new projects.

I was going through the spring/summer 2011 runway shows and really was inspired by a few pieces in the Chanel collection. I will probably have a few more posts on the runway shows too so be forewarned.

The blue piece on my left was my favorite piece in the show. It’s so different and reminds me of an African tribal dress gone modern. I love the color choice and the feathers at the bottom are the perfect touch.

I’m not into suiting normally but I have a thing for unique shorts. Sometimes I feel like all there is to par with my summer wardrobe when I’m not in the skirt mood is jean shorts 😦 so boring. This year I am definitely going to make some shorts n different patterns and textures such as these ones.

I love my skinnies and anything but BLUE jeans especially grey. I also love repurposed jeans, I’m always doing some crazy stuff with mine like tye-dyeing them. I like these ones because they are altered in a simple way that makes then a bit grunge chic when paired with a pretty top.

These last two were the “wow” pieces I guess you can say. I think everyone has a light and a dark side and I enjoy expressing both in my wardrobe as much as possible. I like that he expressed both with these two pieces the dark “goth” inspired look and the pretty princess. I love the use of feathers on these pieces, I’ve been seeing a lot of feathers on the runways in the last year.


About Candy Kisses

I'm an aspiring designer who one day wishes to move to New York and make it big! As of now I work at a restaurant near my apartment in pittsburgh to make ends meet while running a small business called Candy Kiss Couture, on etsy consisting of my designs, and crafts at I love all things beauty, fashion, and glamour as well as all things Art ^.^ Also an interesting tid bit about myself: I love to play dress up, cause I'll never be too old for that! I am fascinated by glitter, shiny things, lace, neon colors, pastel colors, alright colors in general. I guess that's more than enough about me we'll get to know each other as I blog. Thanks for checking my page out.
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