Bellydance Superstars

This evening was the Bellydance Superstars performance in Pittsburgh. I haven’t gotten to see their show yet just performances by individuals who were or still are a part of them. If you didn’t already know I have been bellydancing for about 11 years now. I have taught and performed in and around Pittsburgh and it is a passion I have always had. Dance in general is a passion for me.

I don’t have any pictures because there was no flash photography allowed and I hadn’t brought my camera anyhow. I’d just like to say that they KNOW how to put on a fantastic show! It was called Bombay Bellywood a fusion of Bellydance and Indian dance. The show featured the dancers in elaborate Indian Lengha, Choli, and Sari’s (hope I spelled those right). As well as the tribal dancers in Rhajasthan style skirts. They also wore the normal professional Bellydance costumes toward the end and a few surprises in between. One thing that was really interesting was there was a male dancer in the performance. He was wonderful at doing turns and his arms as well as his wrists were double jointed which he proudly displayed for the audience. He even had a drum solo in his sequined adorned one piece.

My favorite performance would have to have been Moria’s solo. A combination of traditional Bharatanatyam dance and tribal fusion. I love watching her dance, I saw her in Pittsburgh a while back. She no doubt has dance talent. I also really enjoyed all of Meera’s dancing. Indian dance is so beautiful from the costuming to the gestures. I love the foot movement it is so unique from any other dance.

I was actually a promoter for the show. They called me up and asked me if I’d like to email up to 60 people to receive up to 3 free DVD’s which I absolutely agreed to, it was a great opportunity. They also asked me if I’d put up fliers to promote the show and I agreed to this as well. I had been eyeballing the Meera DVD’s since they came out so that was one of my first picks. There aren’t any Indian dance instructional DVD’s out there other than hers and I’ve always had a fascination with India and Indian dance. I also got the Rachel Brice Serpentine DVD which I’ve wanted for a while since she has always been one of my inspirations. Lastly I decided to go with the Fundamentals of Tribal Fusion because the reviews on Amazon said it was extremely difficult and only for advance dancers which ha me sold. Plus Moria is one of the featured dancers and I was excited about that. I’m going to give a short review of each for those of you who are interested in instructional DVD’s.

“Meera Dance of India Ancient to Modern” – I had high expectations for this DVD because of my fascination with Indian dance. For me personally I was expecting a lot more substance to this DVD. There are three separate segments for each style of dance: Bhangra, Bharatanatyam, and Bollywood. It reminded me of beginner bellydance on OnDemand (I used to watch these to see how different teachers taught their own style). Very basic and someone with absolutely no experience in any kind of dance can do. This is great for a beginner but I am not and wanted something more in depth. Hopefully she will come out with advanced Indian dance dvd’s or even bellydance Indian fusion for the advanced dancer. If you are a beginner however these DVD’s are fun and easy. Meera is a good teacher as well as dancer. She is so little and cute.

“Rachel Brice Serpentine” This DVD is my favorite out of the three I chose and out of any Belly Dance instructional DVD I have owned. It is a two disk set the first disc focusing on conditioning and technique and the second on choreography. I have always loved that Rachel incorporates yoga into her teaching. I have always loved the way yoga makes me feel and think it goes in perfect harmony with bellydance. She even has an explanation on how to break down the DVD into an everyday practice session because there is no way anyone could get through all of the information on the DVD’s in a day. She has it on her website as well so its easier to follow. I have been using this DVD almost everyday. I gave myself two break days on my schedule but I’m not being completely consistent because of working full time. Hopefully I can start getting up a bit earlier to make sure I do it every day. This DVD s for the advanced belly dancer. If you are not advanced I would suggest starting out with a beginner DVD unless you have the patience to pause, rewind and redo sections as you go.

“Tribal Fusion Fundamentals” This DVD is great to have if your serious about tribal bellydance. It has four lovely and talented dancers Moria, Kami Liddle, Samantha, and Sherri. They each have their own sections on the DVD. One section incorporates impressive zill technique which I know how to break down beats from hand drums and zills already and used to teach it so the part with the rhythms and such I skip over but she also gives you some great tips on how to incorporate sills into your dancing. Another section focuses on floor work which is always a nice touch to your belly dance repertoire. I have knee pads for this somewhere have to dig out before I really get to practice this section of the DVD. There is also a section on isolation drills i.e. popping an locking which is the only section I wasn’t particularly thrilled with. For someone with less experience in that area it would be good practice and I don’t mind using it as a warm up but it wasn’t really enough for me. The last dance section is yoga and stretches which is always good to incorporate into your daily practice as I said with the Rachel Brice DVD. The great thing about this DVD is it also has two parts that talk about tribal costuming and makeup. Both gave me some great ideas and tips I will use in the future.

I hope this helped if you are looking into bellydance DVD’s. If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in lessons I currently teach privates and you can contact me via e-mail


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