Everybody Scream

I’d like to share my Halloween adventures thus far this year. First off was Pittsburgh Zombie Fest that included a Zombie Walk that was aimed to regain the title of biggest Zombie Walk in the Guinness Book of World Records which Pittsburgh managed to accomplish ^.^ Here’s a few photos of the makeup I did. I bought one of those cheapy Halloween makeup kids from Walgreen’s.

Here’s my boyfriend zombie. He did his own makeup, it looks sweet!

This past weekend I made my Halloween costume for this year. I am Medusa and we decided my boyfriend would be Medusa’s boyfriend. Everyone asks “Medusa had a boyfriend?”. That’s not how the story goes but it’s a joke, we just made him up to look like he’s turning to stone 😛 It was fun. Here’s a picture of the finished looks. Don’t mind my hot pink bra straps I didn’t have my strapless on for these pictures but I will on Halloween as well as have my hair curled.

This outfit only cost me $11 it would have cost me less but my one jo-ann coupon was expired so the cording was full price. It was funny because the good swim an dance fabric they have all year round was cheaper with the coupon than the crappy costume material version that was see through. For those who make your own costumes keep this in mind! The gold cording was perfect too such a good find!

Here’s a picture of the makeup and hair. The snakes were from Wally World (Walmart errg, I hate shopping there but it was last minute) and only cost me 1.00 each! The ones in the Halloween store were $5 :O soo expensive. I used three and they were better than the costume store ones.

The makeup was quick and fun to do. I mixed four green shadows out of my 180 palette and used it over the lid and to contour and shade the face. Nest I used a deep golden brown from the palette for shading the crease creating some depth. Then I used a pair of fishnets stretched them and brushed a gold power eye shadow and water mixture over the tights to create scales. Lastly I applied a red Mac blush to the cheeks and my black eyeliner. I also contoured the nose to make it look a bit more snake like with the greens I used on the face.

The hair took me a second to figure out but it was fairly simple. I just pinned the snakes tails with a sewing pin so they weren’t flopping around then I braided small pieces of hair and wrapped around the snakes body to hold them in place. Some hair spray and bobby pins were used to keep them in place and I left some strands unbraided for contrast.

Here’s his makeup. We got inspiration from a youtube video by petriluge I believe that’s how it’s spelled? We used a grey we mixed instead of white to make it look more like stone. He also wore all grey. It was fun to apply.

I also wanted to share my costume necklaces I made the other day. They are so cute and fun to wear.

The Vamp Fang Necklace, my personal favorite. This one is already listed on my etsy http://www.candykisscouture.etsy.com

The Mooostash Necklace because everyone needs a moostash. It will be listed on my etsy.

And the pink sparkly Princess Tiara also will be listed.

That’s all for now. I’m also going to be having a little get together on Halloween and will be making some yummy punch and cute decorations so I’ll most likely be posting some pictures and recipes from that! What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?


About Candy Kisses

I'm an aspiring designer who one day wishes to move to New York and make it big! As of now I work at a restaurant near my apartment in pittsburgh to make ends meet while running a small business called Candy Kiss Couture, on etsy consisting of my designs, and crafts at www.candykisscouture.etsy.com. I love all things beauty, fashion, and glamour as well as all things Art ^.^ Also an interesting tid bit about myself: I love to play dress up, cause I'll never be too old for that! I am fascinated by glitter, shiny things, lace, neon colors, pastel colors, alright colors in general. I guess that's more than enough about me we'll get to know each other as I blog. Thanks for checking my page out.
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