Wish Upon A Star

This post is purely my things I cannot afford right now but totally want, WISH LIST! It’s going to be super picture heavy.

Up first is my current makeup lusting list. This eyeshadow quad includes two of my favorite eyeshadow colors: deep purple and bright yellow. I also hear a lot of good things about Sugar Pill and the site pictures and packaging are hot! It’s Sugar Pill Eyeshadow quade in Burning Heart.

Next I am in love with these OCC Lip Tars. The concept of being able to mix almost ANY color with the basics makes me ecstatic. It’s a great alternative to MakeUp Forevers Flash Palette thats $95 :O that’s a pretty penny. Of course it’s for lips only hahaha I want them in Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black. That’s all you really need to get all the colors of the rainbow.

Can’t forget MAC 15 color magnetic palette! I’ve been wanting this so I can save on the eyeshadow refills and collect πŸ˜‰

These I’m in love with and I only read good reviews about them. It’s hard to find a glitter eyeliner that actually goes on as glitter and not a sheer mess let alone in great colors. NYX Candy Glitter Eyeliners (the name doesn’t hurt either) A great alternative to Urban Decay’s glitter liners (one of my favorite makeup brands)

Now that I mentioned Urban Decay I’ll mention the next product I want. Their new lash line is amazing! I want the partial lashes in Lure. A hundred pairs would work best πŸ˜›

That’s all as far as makeup. I could probably go on forever in that category but those are the top of my list items. Now for clothes an shoes.

This Betsey Johnson sweater makes me melt. I love the color cut and the unique fly design.

As far as shoes go I am in love with Irregular Choice shoes! They cater to vegs too which is awesome.

Boots: Spit Spot Hi, I love the way they look vintage as well as futuristic all at the same time!

Heels: Making Moves, I die when I see all the little toys hanging from heels! I’m such a kid at heart :3 And the heart pattern plus contrasting heel is right up my ally as well as the spat kind of top. I won two pairs with that spat cut and LOVE them but they are black :/

And Sneaks: Electrokill, even the name is awesome. They are 80’s looking sneaks with a clear vinyl tongue with plastic trinkets like a robot, inside! An the colors are my favorites!

Now onto my sewing and crafting items I’m currently craving, well some have been craving for a long long time. Just kinda broke!

A SERGERRRRR! I want one so bad it would help finish off my clothing and make it more professional!

This serger is from Walmart mehhh but I heard it was really good for the cost so I’m down when I’ve got the funds.

Next up is a dress form in my itty bitty size. Another thing to help me with my fashion endeavors that I’ve been wanting for a while.

I am really hoping to get screen printing supplies soon because of some exciting projects I have in mind for Candy Kiss Couture πŸ˜‰ I need ink in the primaries red, blue, yellow, white, black as well as a screen or two, a hinge to screw into my craft table for the screen, photo sensitive emulsion and a safe light bulb. I know, boring but hey I love crafts what can I say!

I also have been wanting a Digital SLR Camera forever!!! I used to have a fully manual old fashioned B&W Film SLR but it got a light leak and I really want a digital one now, to take some gorgeous pictures. No more icky generic digi cam. One of my favorite models for a reasonable price is the Nikon D3000

And lastly A long lavender wig with long bangs I can cut myself to look like this one:

I’ve been lusting over this wig color for over two years and decided last year I wanted to dye my hair this lavender but sadly jobs suck and won’t allow me to have this color hair unless I want minimum wage 😦 The alternative is to get a lavender wig I can customize to have this cut (I love this cut!) which isn’t a bad alternative considering no super fried hair πŸ˜€

That’s it for my super long wish list. What’s on your wish list?


About Candy Kisses

I'm an aspiring designer who one day wishes to move to New York and make it big! As of now I work at a restaurant near my apartment in pittsburgh to make ends meet while running a small business called Candy Kiss Couture, on etsy consisting of my designs, and crafts at www.candykisscouture.etsy.com. I love all things beauty, fashion, and glamour as well as all things Art ^.^ Also an interesting tid bit about myself: I love to play dress up, cause I'll never be too old for that! I am fascinated by glitter, shiny things, lace, neon colors, pastel colors, alright colors in general. I guess that's more than enough about me we'll get to know each other as I blog. Thanks for checking my page out.
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